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I am honored to introduce you to an extraordinary group of heart-centered women who are shining their light, sharing their gifts and empowering others to thrive in every area of their lives. I invite you to learn more about our Sacred Sponsors and take advantage of their empowering free gifts.



FREE GIFT from Patricia Young of Inner Prosperity Academy

7 Steps to Go From Working for a Paycheck to Working for a Mission

Oftentimes, when you want to start your own Heart-centered or Spiritual Business, you’re working in another job that is making you money, but you don’t love it. In this FREE Report I share simple steps that you can take to turn your passion into a business and get paid for who you came here to be, so you can FINALLY live on Purpose and share your gifts with the world!



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Money, Meditation and Mandalas: A Creative Approach to Manifesting Abundance

Do you dream of making fabulous money? You can see it in the future but can’t seem to manifest it in the here and now? In this 7 day course with Dr. Minette Riordan, discover simple, creative steps for staying open to manifesting money in the present moment using guided visualization, a Sacred Money Quiz, affirmations and a mandala coloring book.



FREE GIFT from Jami Hearn
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Meet Your Abundance Guide Meditation

Start attracting and receiving ALL the money you desire with your abundance spirit guide. This FREE meditation will provide you with the tools to increase your vibration, helping you attain your divine abundance in love, money and prosperity. Claim your Divine abundance right NOW!



FREE GIFT from Di Riseborough of Find Your Courage  

The 12 Fears Assessment to Unblocking Abundance

Fear is a four letter word, that can block everything and prevent you from reaching your potential. Uncover the 3 main Fears that unconsciously rule your decision making in life and business sabotaging your success and happiness. The path to an abundant life starts with facing your fears.



FREE GIFT from Bryna Haynes of The Heart of Writing  
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The 5 Secrets of Powerful Writing

What makes writing powerful? (Hint: It’s not just pretty sentences!) Effective writing happens when you connect on a soul level to your message, and then hone your material so it says exactly what you want it to. Ready to uplevel your writing game? Grab “The 5 Secrets of Powerful Writing” now!



FREE GIFT from Amy Leigh Mercree

Daily Chakra Balancing Challenge: 21 Days of Light

My process for daily chakra balancing is super easy and fast because I know you’re busy but you want to feel good every day.You can use this process in the morning or evening or even when you’re sitting in your car for a few minutes. I challenge you to try it for 21 days straight!



FREE GIFT from Shann Vander Leek
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Transformation Goddess – Affirmations Meditation – MP3

Claim this popular Goddess Affirmations Meditation from Shann’s Transformation Goddess Experience album. As an extra bonus, you’ll get VIP Access to the 2nd Annual Goddess Talk Sessions this September; including 16 soulful conversations with women who walk in beauty + 21 love offerings fit for a goddess.



FREE GIFT from Kim Turcotte of Soul Purpose Business Solutions

Four Simple Steps to Online Success

In this content-rich, four part audio series Kim provides an in-depth look at of each of the four cornerstones of success.
These audios are designed to help the listener understand the importance of each cornerstone, how they function together and how you can strengthen each of these foundational areas so you can Thrive in Your Life and Business!



FREE GIFT from Katie Crommett

Mandala Gift Set: 3 Hand-Drawn Mandalas with Journaling Prompts

Let yourself be spontaneously creative! Coloring mandalas has been shown to reduce stress, but it can also give you deep insight to yourself when you include introspective journaling. Start on your mandala coloring journey by downloading three of my hand-drawn mandalas & insightful journal prompts!